Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Awkward and The Likes.

It’s that time of year again…time to take a look at what I’ve done over the last year and what I want to accomplish in this next year. I managed to cross off almost everything from my birthday to do list I made last year. Almost. I still need to-
  •         Go on a hot air balloon ride, so if anyone wants to take me, I’m there.
  •         Hatch praying mantis eggs (although, I don’t have a garden this year so that will have to wait)
  •        Get swept off my feet
  •        Go to a country concert in the prime of summer. Last summer I did manage to spend outside, and I did put on two drama productions (a ballet dance and a black light dance, ironically, since I’ve only got white girl dance moves to speak of)… to music, but not an outdoor concert
My new list will come up closer to my birthday; I need to really think on it.

Numbers, numbers, numbers. I like to play with numbers. Did you know that I feel like significant things happen on the 16th in my life? My mom’s birthday is Oct. 16th, my first boyfriend (not counting you Jake, sorry, 5th grade just doesn’t cut it) was Dec. 16th. Kendra passed away March 16th. My birthday is May 16th.  There are plenty other significant events, but those are the BIG ones. So pretty much I expect to get married someday on a 16th, have my first child on a 16th, I wish I could add retire when I’m 16 but no such luck there. are some things I learned this year…

  1. -          Much like that time I turned into ebony & ivory with a spray tan mishap, I once again bared my soul (also known as my bottom). As I’m from Oregon and rarely see the sun I wanted to go tanning to avoid getting burnt by being within the vicinity of the equator next week. So I went, a piece of my heart dying just a little bit (and probably a piece of my life) as I’m adamantly against going tanning. Who ever heard of a stand up tanning bed! I felt like a hot pocket tucked into that white fold out wrapper as it spins around in the microwave. In my vain attempt to not get burned in Florida, I got burned in Oregon. You know, just the tender spots though, like behind my knees….the backs of my arms…my chest… hips. Wearing pants today just feels really terrific. 
  1. -          Don’t do jumping squats two days in a row. I could barely walk up the stairs last week at the PSU campus. I have been, and highly recommend, the Brazilian Butt work out, it gives you that amazing sore feeling the next day. I love that muscle ache, it feels so bad it feels good. Another great one, wall sits. I <3 wall sits. I should get a work out shirt that says that…although I really want the one that says “train like a beast to look like a beauty” totally combining my fascination with healthy living and Beauty & the Beast. 
  1. -          That I am absurdly addicted to green tea. I think I’ve been going through 3 tea bags a day at work. Green tea with mint. Yum… my mouth is literally salivating right now. 
  1. -          That I am irrevocably awkward and am totally okay with it now. Being awkward is super trendy right now, which is ironic and amusing. Oh little trendy ones, I wear those oversized glasses because I can’t stand being able to see the lens not because they look cool. My choice of wording is so natural to me I don’t think twice about saying “succumb” instead of “give in to”. I have a blog, that’s like number one rule of being awkward- the ability to explain oneself best in any form other than actually talking out loud. My closet is color coordinated, that’s just good sense though. And I unabashedly enjoy shows like Eureka, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Grimm and Chopped. 

  1. -          There’s nothing that a good friend can’t fix. Mostly because whatever you’re going through, they make it so that you don’t go through it alone. 
  1. -          I look better without make up than I do waking up the next morning in my “yesterdays” make up. Gross. Never again.
  1. -          And last but not least, I want to move to Portland. There, I said it publically. I WANT to move to Portland. So maybe I’ll add that my new things to do before my next birthday list. 
Oh, and I'm still chasing love. Trying desperately to love everyone I come into contact with, its not been easy, its actually been really hard, but I feel myself changing and my heart softening. 

And a quick look at my life this year via Instagram.


nbrown said...

YESSS I made the instagram collage!!

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that I'm secretly (ok now publicly) happy that you will be around this summer!!! Let's sip on mint green tea all day errday!!!
<3 Alissa